Top Three Reasons to Use Labels

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Labeling is my Jam.

I am so serious when I say that labeling gives me a level of pure joy that is unparalleled. The label itself looks clean and gives instant order to any space. If labeled correctly, it can bring more than just order; it can add understanding to a space and make it easier to keep up with the systems set in place.

1. Systems are great. They create order and allow every item to have a specific place to call “home.” A problem with systems can occur when not everyone in the home follows them. Spouses or kids, for example, can unintentionally disrupt a system set in place if they forget what items are supposed to belong where. Enter the label. They are AMAZING reminders to help anyone know where things go. It’s also a subliminal message to help reinforce the system. If a bin is labeled “lids” and someone is putting away cups, it would go against the grain for them to specifically put something where it doesn’t belong. They would have to think, “I am not going to follow the system,” and do it intentionally, which in my experience is never the case. Typically family members do not attempt to disrupt systems on purpose; we have to figure out how to guide them in the right direction and make it easier for everyone.

2. Labels help create order and teach organization to children. Children need to feel a sense of belonging and contribution to their family. Giving a child a job, or an active role in keeping order in the house will help instill life-long skills for organization and order. Also, the labels act as sight words for younger children. My two-year-old can recognize the cars bin from the one for blocks by association even though he is not able to read. Simply labeling their toys and asking them to be responsible for cleaning their space, helps develop these necessary human skills.


3. Labels make cleaning up a breeze. Who wants to spend hours a day or weekend cleaning their entire house? Nobody wants to or has time to do this. The easiest solution is to spend a few moments a day, putting items back where they go. If everything has a place, this is a very easy task. I read an article about the secret to tidy people, and it said that neat people never leave a mess overnight — small moments of tidying up equal a clean and orderly house. Labels can help to create this order and ease of straightening up.

I hope this helped! Let me know if I can come to label some bins for you. 🙂 

Four Easy Steps to Organizing Any Space

Affiliate links to products I love may be included. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Ever stare at an unorganized space baffled at how to start? Many of my clients are exhausted by their disorganization. They are frustrated at the lack of a working system and report that they spend so much time trying to “fix” the area themselves. By the time I am called in, the space has overwhelmed them to a point of raising a white flag. Here’s what I do to EVERY space no matter the mess or the goal.

1. Assess the Space: What is the problem? How much space do we have? Is the area devoted to too many uses/users? You have to figure out what you want eventually to get out of the area. Is it a guest room that has become a catchall? Or an entry that stores shoes, coats, and backpacks? Until you figure out what is there and what you really want to be there, it is impossible to move forward.

2. Sort the items in the space: I suggest taking everything out and making several piles. It is never a problem to have too many piles or specified groups. I actually prefer making more smaller groups than just a few larger grouping piles because it allows you to join like items at a later time. For example, I was working with a woman who inherited many items from grandparents and elderly parents; she had so much that it did not benefit her to create one large pile of sentimental items. Instead, we broke it down into many various piles from the specific family member. We ended up placing these in labeled bins for easy access and minimized the mess in the closet.

3. Weed out unwanted items: Make sure that you are in a mood to let go of the items you no longer need. I suggest sorting these as you create the piles mentioned above. Make one trash pile and one donation pile. Do not make a “sell” pile unless you know for a fact that you will sell the item within the week. If you are honest with yourself and know that you will just move the donation/to sell pile to another location only to gather dust and cause more stress, just trash it and do it immediately. I promise you, letting go of the items will relieve more stress than attempting to make them fit into a space for a just-in-case scenario.

4. Put items back: Ask yourself a few questions as you start to put items back into the space. How often do I need this? Will it be difficult to take it out and put it back? Would it benefit me if I labeled the box/container/item? These can be incredibly helpful in creating systems. As a professional organizer, I LOVE labeling and could find use for a label everywhere. 🙂 Sometimes this is beneficial and sometimes it’s excessive. The key is to find what works for you, your family, and your space.

I hope these steps helped! Sign up for more tips and tricks and message me if you have any questions.​