Tax Prep from the daughter of a CPA

My dad owned his own tax business and LOVED getting the most money possible for his clients. Growing up I remember him working tirelessly for each of them and never raising his rates because he loved them so much and considered each one a member of the family. This has taught me so much asContinue reading “Tax Prep from the daughter of a CPA”

Tips to tackle the ‘kid’s stuff’ before the holidays

Every year before the holidays I do a purge of my children’s stuff. For such tiny humans, their possessions seem to accumulate quickly! The holidays bring family gatherings, extra outfits, and extra toys! Lots and lots of toys. The key to controlled chaos is to periodically assess the elements that become part of it. IContinue reading “Tips to tackle the ‘kid’s stuff’ before the holidays”

How do you create a system in a closet?

Closet Systems How do you create a system in a closet?Many of my clients are struggling when it comes to closets. They don’t understand where to start or where improvements can be made because it’s difficult for them to see the closet as a whole. I always ask the same questions when consulting for aContinue reading “How do you create a system in a closet?”

Top Three Reasons to Use Labels

Labeling is my Jam. I am so serious when I say that labeling gives me a level of pure joy that is unparalleled. The label itself looks clean and gives instant order to any space. If labeled correctly, it can bring more than just order; it can add understanding to a space and make itContinue reading “Top Three Reasons to Use Labels”