Meet The Simplify with Steph Team

Left to right: Emily, Steph, Kristin, and Shea

Steph B.

Since I was a child, I naturally ordered and organized everything. I have even been known to organize when visiting friends and family. In 2015, I took that passion and started Simplify with Steph. As a mother of two young children, I see the long-term benefits of an organized space, and my time as a Professional Organizer has allowed me to share my skills and talent with others. I love helping clients find innovative and beautiful solutions for their spaces. As Simplify has grown, I have gathered a team of amazing organizers that are willing and able to help with any project. We are the ultimate helpers and would love to simplify your space!

Emily J.

I couldn’t be happier to be part of the Simplify with Steph team. I have always found happiness in organizing. My mother says I started as young child re-arranging groceries as she put them in the cart. Now, as a mother of 3 young children, I’ve grown to love and appreciate it even more. By keeping organized, you will save time looking for things and have more time to spend on important tasks. The benefits of having your space orderly can relieve stress, allow for better sleep, increase more “me time,” promote a healthy lifestyle, and increase your productivity. My favorite spaces to work on are playrooms, bathrooms and kitchens. No matter the space or the job, we’ve got you covered. Let us know how we can help you simplify. 

Kristin P.

Being a mom of twin toddlers and owning a business has shown me the importance of organization, both personally and professionally. I teamed up with Simplify to share those skills with homes and offices around DFW. I love the “after” look of a newly organized space, but nothing brings me more joy than hearing that a client has been able to maintain their new system. We don’t just organize, we help you find a sustainable way to manage your space. My favorite places to update are pantries, home offices, and kids rooms. Let’s face it, we all have too many files and too many toys! Don’t get overwhelmed by things – reach out and let us simplify the chaos.

Shea M.

As a current business owner raising two children, I understand firsthand how organization increases one’s freedom and productivity both at home and work. I am an experienced task juggler who understands how to run a business as well as a home with ease and fine attention to detail. Clients will appreciate my calm demeanor, willingness to tackle anything, and ability to expertly project manage even the most complicated of situations, My favorite spaces to organize are closets, pantries, and garages. I’m looking forward to helping you simplify your space. 

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